Here’s What They’re Saying

Kerry’s classes are excellent and I would recommend to all. Classes are no more than 4 dogs at a time giving plenty of focus to dogs, and their handlers, individually. The content is delivered in a clear manner followed by demonstrations and then the opportunity to practice. All classes are followed up with reminders of the material, in addition to a manual being provided beforehand. As important for the handlers as it is the dogs. Kerry is knowledgeable and experienced and we have no hesitation in recommending her.

J Ounsworth

5 Stars!!!!! – Thank you Kerry! Would highly recommend EXEmplar Dogs. The classes are so personal, with just 4 puppies per class you really feel you get one on one attention and the results show! Denzel and I learnt so much together and I felt after each class the bond between us was stronger. I would also recommend (if you can) to do the two courses back to back. 8 weeks really worked for us, my pup and I stayed tuned in to what we had to learn and the success is now showing in his day to day life. We are already looking into what other advanced courses to go on!

E Johnson

Luna and I have had excellent 121 training sessions with Kerry. Having taken on a rescue pup who was slightly older we were keen to ensure we had the skills to make her feel safe whilst learning essential skills but also giving us confidence in how best to help her settle with us. Kerry is very passionate and knowledgeable and this is infectious. The into information and catch up notes are really helpful as there is so much to take in at the time. Kerry has also given us loads of useful enrichment tips. I don't know who was more tired after all the learning me or Luna!!!!

S Jackson

We had both 121 and class sessions. These were great and able to take place in line with Covid guidance so we didn't miss out. The information booklet received upon booking was super handy, particularly as we had this ahead of our pup coming home. The classes and the 121 sessions were full of encouragement for both our pup and ourselves, including our children. Kerry is so calm and reassuring in the help she gives. She is keen for a good experience for everyone. It was so reassuring to be able to discuss the various stages and behaviours that pups go through. I particularly loved having a reliable and trusted person to turn to rather than rely on google searches which throw up an overwhelming amount of varied information. If I had 100 puppies/dogs (which I won't!) I'd have training sessions with each and every one of them, every time. Such a great experience for both dog and human. It's so lovely to be at a time when we are seeing the benefits of the time and training we are putting in taking forwards what we learned with Kerry.

S Genders